Red Ado'rei 2 Umbrella

Red Ado'rei 2 Umbrella

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The Red Ado'rei 2 is the second edition of our Red Ado'rei umbrellas. These beauties are just as nice but rather than one color, your lights will flash or blink in multiple colors. The umbrella still expands to approximately 23" of absolute love! Whether Red is your favorite color or it is your Greek color, or you have love on the mind or want to stock up on the perfect Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day gift(s),  this umbrella is a must! The lights add the perfect touch and makes it sparkle in a lovely manner. It is large enough to cover one individual or a two people from the rain. It comes equipped with a multi-light flashing and blinking feature. It also has a flashlight feature on the handle. It is strong and durable against wind and is a beauty and a true outlier in the umbrella industry. It only requires three AAA batteries and you will have the umbrella that everyone adores. Get it now while the 2nd edition supplies last! Adults and children love thier Ado'rei Umbrella.


    Get your Ado'rei 2 now while the 2nd edition supplies lasts!  The multicolor led Ado'rei 2 is superfly!  Adults, men, women and children all love thier Ado'rei Umbrellas.


    Due to the nature of our product, our umbrellas are non-refundable. In the event that your product arrives defective, please return within 7 days of shipping and we will exchange your product.