Transparent Ado'rei Umbrella

Transparent Ado'rei Umbrella

The Transparent Ado'rei umbrella expands to approximately 23" of exquisetness. This is one of our top sellers and is large enough to cover one individual or a couple from the rain. It comes equipped with a solid light, flashing and blinking feature. It also has a flashlight feature on the handle. It is strong and durable against wind and is high fashion and sure to be a conversation starter. Everyone will wonder where you got your umbrella from! It only requires three AAA batteries and you will have the umbrella that everyone adores. Purchase yours today!

    Purple is a color of Royalty. With this amazing product, you will be sure to be covered from the rain while being fly at the same time! Stylish, sleek and full of charm, this umbrella can cover just you and someone wrapped around your arm. Be sure to purchase yours today!


    Due to the delicate nature of our product, they are non-refundable. In the event that your item arrives defective, please return your umbrella within 7 days of shipping for an exchanged product.